Fishy Stories Festival

I spent the weekend at the fabulous Fishy Stories Festival in Fish Creek. Two other Australian Children’s Laureate friends, Leigh Hobbs and Alison Lester, were also there! Alison is a local legend and has a beautiful shop in this quaint little town filled with illustrations, prints, and cards.

I love attending regional writing festivals. In my two years as Laureate, I have been invited to the Headland Writers Festival, Write Around the Murray, the Bendigo Writers Festival, the NT Writers Festival and now Fishy Stories! There is something so magical and unique about each one.

At Fishy Stories, I got to wear the gorgeous Fishy Stories crown – made in Latvia!

Thank you to everyone involved in the festival, especially Mark Avery and, Hilary and Martha from Hare and Tortoise bookshop in Korumburra. It was lovely to catch up with Paula Kelly, Ann Deveson, Meredith Costain, Andrea Rowe, Cassy Polomini, Gabrielle Bassett and Luigi Zuccini. 

A special thank you to all the young and talented readers and writers I met! Thank you also to their lovely parents and caregivers.

I enjoyed sharing our big imaginations and creative ideas together and drawing dragons,

– Gabi X

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