Pearlie’s Ghost

It’s 1942…. and Darwin is under attack. While bombs are falling, Pearlie is doing all she can to save her beloved pets and help the wounded soldiers. But it’s too dangerous to stay, and when Pearlie finally has to say goodbye, only the thought of being reunited with her best friend Naoko can cheer her up. But Naoko has a problem of her own: a ghostly mystery that will truly test Pearlie’s newfound courage…

Follow Pearlie on her adventure in the final of four exciting stories about a courageous girl in a world at war.

Once you have finished this book you can read the extra chapter in the Pearlie Stories and find out what happens to Pearlie many years later. Does she ever return to Darwin? Does she get married?

PEARLIE'S GHOST can be purchased online or from your local Australian bookshop