Year of the Tiger

1926, 1938, 1950, 1962, 1974, 1986, 1998, 2010

I know I’m a bit behind to post this illustration of a tiger. The Year of the Tiger seemed to go by so fast and now it is almost over. This is a card from my horoscope card series which sell in a few stores around Melbourne. It is painted in traditional Chinese brush and ink on Chinese water colour paper. The character on the left says tiger in running script and the stamp is my name “Shuang” which means frost.

On the back of the card are the Tiger’s characteristics. Those born under this sign are loyal, couragious, enthusiastic, honourable, tolerant and generous. They are adventurers and conquerors. Tigers love being the centre of attention and have a wonderful sense of humour. They are the ultimate optimists. They like leadership and enjoy travelling to unusual destinations. They tend to be lucky with money.

8 thoughts on “Year of the Tiger

  1. Gorgeous! I have quite a collection of Chinese horoscope cards – just checked them and sadly none of yours. But I will be remedying that shortly, Internet willing! My favourite series is by an artist called Kathy Huang. Do you know her work? The cards are distributed by Rainbow Dragon Publishing (love that name!) and I bought them from a little shop in Newtown (just up the road from Walker Books)

    1. Sandy, my cards have very limited distribution so you definitely would not come across them. I designed and painted them just before I became a published author and so I didn’t develop the business any further. Lately though, I have been thinking of ways to sell them on my website.

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