Writer in Residence at Presentation College

I spent a lovely week at Presentation College in Windsor as writer in residence.

I worked with students from years 7 – 10 on imagination, visualisation and free writing. We also talked about the publishing business.

Here is a showbag that Anthea from Year 7 made. It is based on my book ‘Poppy Comes Home’. I loved the idea of using Barbie dolls.

And here are two poems that came out of the 3 minute writing exercise

The clouds fell from the sky

There are daisies in the ground

I started to fly

I turned into a necklace, a book, an elephant.

Flowers in my undies

Friends are super

Trees grow on leaves

Balloons have pets

      by  Ines Naylor  Year 7

The chair is yellow

It has banana peels all over it

and smells like, well I don’t think you want to know

Now we’re flying in the sky

The sky is blue

oh dear, now I am swimming with cows and scary sharks

Now I am in bed thinking about how wonderful my day was

I’m so happy

         by Ginger Roberts Year 7

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