World Premiere – A Ghost in My Suitcase

After the final show (Melbourne season) from top left Alice Keahavong (Celeste), Amanda Ma (Por Por), Frieda Lee (ensemble), Bottom left Ching Ching Ho (co-artistic director), Vanessa Bates (playwright), Yilin Kong (Ting Ting) and baby Leo.

The Melbourne season of A Ghost in My Suitcase is over. I’m exhausted but I’m sure the cast and crew of Barking Gecko Theatre are more so.

There have been sensational reviews of the play!

I cannot be any prouder. Here are some of them.

4 1/2 STARS  Kelly-Louise Austin (Theatre People). 

“The themes of loss, grief, multicultural families and Chinese traditions are handled gently, genuinely and lovingly. At times it made my heart hurt, yet I left with a big smile on my face.”  Read the full review HERE

4 1/2 STARS  Cameron Woodhead (The Age)

“A Ghost In My Suitcase is superb family theatre – a stylish, big-hearted and vibrant adaptation of a much-loved children’s book, delivered with all the vision and polish you’d expect from a major international arts festival. The thrillingly inventive spookiness of the stage magic is accompanied by a gleeful sense of purpose from the actors, who embrace with delight all the elaborately choreographed kung-fu witchery required to ward off spirits. Children will be delighted, and adults will be taken with it too.” Read the full review HERE

4 STARS  Carissa Lee (Witness)

“Although this story is filled with the supernatural, at its heart it’s about Por Por showing Ting Ting and Celeste – and everyone in the audience – how it’s possible to overcome adversity and grief and seize our place in the world.” Read the full review HERE

4 STARS Thuy On (Arts Hub)

“A multi-generational show that explores cultural identity, A Ghost in my Suitcase is beautifully realised in theatrical form.” Read the full review HERE

Sarah (The Plus Ones)

“Wisdom for adults from cross-cultural children’s tale A Ghost in My Suitcase” “This tale weaves a wonderful web between dualities- cultural, familial, and spiritual.”

Read the full review HERE


At the Arts Centre wearing my especially embroidered Tiger top
With my publisher at Penguin, Lisa Riley and editor, Katrina Lehman.
The Playhouse in the Arts Centre Melbourne
Lovely author/illustrator friends who came to see the show. Jude Rossell, Hazel Edwards, Marjory Gardner, Meredith Costain and Felicity Marshall
A pre-show gathering in honour of the Minister for Communications and the Arts, Senator Mitch Fifield. With Barking Gecko CEO Helen Hristofski, Co-Artistic Director Matt Edgerton, CEO Melbourne International Arts Festival Kath Mainland.
More lovely author/illustrator friends who came to see the show. From left to right the two co-artistic directors Ching Ching Ho and Matt Edgerton, at the back authors Michael Kitson, Cath Crowley, Adam Wallace, teacher librarians Sharon Hayes and Robyn Donohue and author Dee White.
Me and Cath Crowley
Me and Alice Keohavong who plays Celeste

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