wonderful spooky experience at St Doms primary school

I had the pleasure of speaking to the grades 3’s to 6’s at St Dominics Primary School in Camberwell East this week. The students were delightful and all of them have been reading at least one of my books in class. Thank you to librarian Nadine Bolton and to all the teachers. 

It is always so rewarding speaking to groups of children who have read my books. This scenario makes for the perfect school visit.

To add to the enjoyment of my day, I had a spooky moment when I was relating the story of how my best friend and I snuck into the witch’s mansion when we were 9 years old. I was up to the part where I tell the kids how the double doors on the second floor of the rundown house slowly creak open. I always pause here to let the suspense build. The students are so drawn into the story by this stage that I have their complete attention. But today, in that three second delay and perfectly on cue, (right at that moment in the photo below) the double doors behind me were suddenly sucked open. We all turned to look but nobody was there. The kids half screamed, half laughed. We couldn’t believe it.

Photo by St Dominics Camberwell East
Photo by St Dominics Camberwell East

It’s the second time it has happened while telling the same story. Sometimes I think the ghost of Elsie Symonds, the one we used to call the witch, is following me around as I tell her story.

Now you know why I write magical realism.

As I was leaving I saw this fantastic art mural in the foyer. Here are some of the animals from the mural. Aren’t they just gorgeous?






21 thoughts on “wonderful spooky experience at St Doms primary school

  1. On behalf of St Doms thank you so much for coming to our school. We enjoyed every SECOND of it! By the way, the lion artwork that you posted was mine!
    From Harry and every other 3-6 in the school : )

    1. Hi Harry,

      Your lion was awesome! I enjoyed my visit so much. St Doms is a great school.


  2. Dear Gabrielle Wang

    I really enjoyed your visit to my school ( St Dominics Primary School ) and when the door swung open I screamed I have bought the wish bird and I love it and I absolutely love the illustrations.

  3. We really enjoyed your visit to our school. All off your books inspire me to write more. When I went to the library, I was looking all over the place for your books and the dialog and illustrations are unique. The Peng you showed us was amazing and I’ve been drawing them ever since. My sister , Georgia was very exited when I showed her how to draw it. Thank you for visiting my school.

    1. Hi Alyssa,

      It was so wonderful to come to your school. Keep up the great reading and drawing.


  4. Hi Gabrielle,
    I learnt so much and loved taking part in drawing Peng.
    Thank you so much for coming and I hope to see you again!

    From Georgia

    1. Hi Georgia,

      I loved coming to your school. ThNk you so much for inviting me.


  5. Hi Gabrielle,
    I loved having you at our school. I was talking to you, I’m in year 6 and I was that girl who was Chinese, Italian and Irish I love you book, Ghost in my suitcase.
    P.s you are a fantastic drawer/writer


    1. Hi Alexandra,
      I remember speaking with you. What a lovely combination of cultures you have as your background.

      Have a great weekend!


        1. Thank you..
          I am having a lovely week writing a short story called The Two Faced Boy.

          Gabrielle (:

  6. Hi Gabrielle
    I think your books are wonderful at the moment I’m reading a Ghost in my suitcase its amazing.

    From Chloe

    1. Hi Chloe,

      I’m glad you are enjoying A Ghost in My Suitcase. Thank you for letting me know and happy reading!


  7. Hi Gabrielle Wang
    I am reading a ghost in my suitcase it is so enjoyable to read
    P.S it gets a bit scary at times such as “Fat Belly”

    1. Hi Eliza,
      Thank you for your lovely note. I really enjoyed writing A Ghost in My Suitcase.
      Happy Reading!

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