I love writing because each story is like opening a golden door to the unknown.

I love its slipperiness, its unpredictability, the way it has taught me about life, about death, about people.

I love finding a new voice to write in. At first this voice is just a whisper, a shimmer inside your brain. But then the whisper grows and gains a power all of its own. And then you hear the voice even when you’re washing the dishes or drifting off to sleep.

I love discovering new worlds, new characters that don’t come from me but from somewhere out there, way out there from some place out of my control.

I love the way characters speak to you and tell you what they want. If one of your characters tells you that he has to die for the sake of the story, as happened in Little Paradise, then you have to kill him off even if it hurts.

I love the way writing digs up the past.

I love trawling the internet for a minute piece of information and coming out with so much more.

I love the way writing helps you sort yourself out. Want to get rid of emotional baggage? Then write about it. Burden your characters with it.

I love writing because I have met so many kind and wonderful people through it.

I love writing even when it doesn’t love me.

3 thoughts on “WHY I LOVE WRITING

  1. Hey, Gabrielle

    absolutely agreed. Yes, writing does teach us and opens doors to the unknown (or to the normally unnacessible).

    To add to your #6 and #8, writing about one’s problems in 3rd person has been shown to severely decrease to sort out the emotional baggage in at least 3 studies (about PTSDs – can’t find their links). Writing in 3rd person dissociates one from the event also giving a fairly new way to look at the situation. This, in turn, adds fresh knowledge about the situation which was previously unnacessible.

    Interesting, isn’t it?

    Love to read about people being passionate.

    1. Thank you for the added info! Interesting about writing in 3rd person. Allows one to step back which is a whole different feel from writing in first person which can lead you deeper into a problem.

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