When the Well Runs Dry

Ideas for stories are like water from a well. Sometimes the well goes dry and the novel, which began in a gush, diminishes to a trickle. No matter how deep you dig the ground remains hard and dry. That’s when another source has to be found, a new spring to draw from.

Perhaps you find it in a walk along the beach, or researching at the library, or going on a trip to a new and exciting place. For me, brainstorming with friends is my eternal spring. Having a writing group that meets regularly is fantastic for this. Unfortunately, because I’ve been on such a tight deadline with the series I’ve been working on, our writing group has come to temporary standstill.

Even better though, is to have a partner – someone you trust and whose opinion you value. I am lucky enough to have my live in editor. An added bonus are children and my busy two are always willing to help when they can. It goes without saying that Saffy will lend her one good ear to listen to me reading through a chapter.

Unless she’s sleeping of course …

Being a writer is a lonely business. For many hours of the day we are immersed in our imaginations. I could never do it alone. The support of my family and the wonderful help from my writer friends is invaluable.

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