What makes you courageous?

The Write Around the Murray festival was fabulous.

I did quite a few school sessions and as usual the kids were great.

I also had a lively panel discussion with Eliza Hull and Gary Lonesborough hosted by Yves Rees about identity. The best question in that session came from a 6 year old. “What makes you courageous?’ We had to think about that one. My answer I believe was, to keep trying.


Yves Reese, Eliza Hull, Gary Lonesborough

I also visited Dymocks Albury with fellow author Ailsa Wild where we signed books.

In this photo I’m with Margaret and Emma who are the lovely booksellers at Dymocks.


This is the cutest Peng drawing created by a 5 year old. I just love him.


Congratulations to the people from the Museum Library and the WAM organizers especially festival director, Ann-Maree Ellis.

It was a fantastic festival!


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