Warming a Writer’s Heart


Every so often I get a letter that confirms the fact that I have one of the best jobs in the world and makes the long, hard process of writing a novel so worthwhile.

Here is one such letter.

Hi Gabrielle,

I am reading one of your books The Ghost in my Suitcase. It is really interesting it is so interesting i am up to the chapter called The long silken thread i am loving it, it is the only book that i am going to finish because it caught my eye and i have never read a full book so you should be privlidged. After i send you this message i will be up to page 149 i love this book. I was wondering if you could make another book like this but call it The world in my hands. Please i am thinking that i would like to be a writer when i am older because you have just inspired me with this book.

p.s. please make a book called The World in my Hands


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