WA Book Week – Day 2

On my second day of Book Week in WA, I visited the Year 4s at All Saints College.  I finished my session and was walking back through the grounds when I saw a student playing a polka-dotted piano. How lovely that there’s a piano for all to use.

I was quite under the weather with a cold until I went to Al-Ameen College. Those cute Year 2’s totally revitalized me. I don’t know if there has been research done on ‘audience-giving energy’ but it’s a real thing. I always come away from primary school talks with more energy than I started. Al-Ameen was different though. Most of my cold symptoms had gone! In this case, it was audience healing.

I read them my picture book The Race for the Chinese Zodiac  illustrated by Sally Rippin and of course, we did a dragon drawing. Then, they named their creatures and began writing their own stories. I read some out to the class. The next thing I knew, there was a queue of students wanting me to read their stories too. I love how unencumbered kids are at this age. Well, it was as if they ‘happied’ away all the tiredness from my body because I came back to my apartment fully restored. Here’s a photo of their lovely teachers.

Thank you to Jill Buckrell from AISWA for looking after me. 😊

– Gabi X

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