Tiny of the Forest

This illustration is called Tiny of the Forest.

When I look at a blank sheet of paper, my mind is blank too. Then I draw some random pencil lines and an image slowly emerges. If I made random lines 15 minutes later, a different illustration would come out of them.

I love working like this. I love working in the Zen moment.

Today the state of Victoria where I live recorded zero new cases of Covid 19 for the fourth day in a row. This is an amazing effort and all Victorians should be congratulated especially Melburnians. Back in July we had over 700 new cases a day. Nobody thought that getting down to zero was possible. But here we are.

So now, even though it is mandatory to wear masks, socially distance and only travel 25kms from home (before it was 5kms), we can sit in a cafe or restaurant with friends, we can have one other family visit our homes, shops are open and I can drive to the beach which was one big thing I missed.

But by far the biggest thing I missed was not being able to see my one year old grandson, Harrison. We could only meet in a park before. Now he has had his first sleepover at our place, the first of many I’m sure.

Gabi xx

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