the street cats of istanbul

Apart from the wonderful sites Istanbul has to offer, one thing I cannot help noticing is the number of cats there are living on the streets. The difference here though is that they are not scared, mangy things hiding in alleyways like street cats in other big cities. These felines are well fed. I love how the local people leave food and water out for them, some people even take the cats to the vet to be desexed then set them free to roam again.

Life is pretty good for the street cats of Istanbul.

I counted a total of 32 cats on my walk to the Blue Mosque and Topkapi Palace.

All the cats featured here live on the streets.

Cat Mat

cat mat

Tree Hugging Cat

tree hugger

Thirsty Cat

cat well

Smooching Cat hanging around the butcher shop

smooching cat

Cool Cat

cool cat

Camouflage Cat

camouflage cat

Hungry Cat

hungry cat

Sleepy Cat

sleepy cat

Comfy Cat

comfy cat

Top Cat

top cat





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