The Race for the Chinese Zodiac at the Melbourne Recital Centre 13th Jan


Looking to entertain your children musically in Melbourne next week? This is a one off show for 5 – 8 years old.

Friday January 13, at 11 am

If you come along I’ll be there so please say hello. There will be no books available to purchase but if you have your own copy, I would be pleased to sign it.

Tickets can be purchased HERE

‘This beautiful retelling of the classic Chinese legend is a joy to read.’ 

Magpies Magazine

A long time ago in Ancient China, the Jade Emperor, ruler of heaven and earth, held a great race between the animals. He declared that the first 12 animals to cross to the other side of the mighty river would have a year named after them and thereby be forever immortalized on the Chinese Zodiac.

The animals lined up on the shore, eager to begin. Some chose to race honestly while others were more devious. Some helped their friends, while others raced alone. Some were distracted, while some focused with all their might on winning. But 13 animals raced for only 12 places on the Zodiac. Who would come first? And who would miss out?

One of China’s favourite fables is brought to life through an intercultural arts experience for inquisitive young minds. Follow the story of The Race for the Chinese Zodiac and discover your Chinese Zodiac animal. Gabrielle Wang’s picture book is transformed into a multifaceted theatre production incorporating animation, storytelling and an original Chinese score played on traditional Chinese instruments performed live by the Australian Chinese Music Ensemble. Don’t miss this wonderful introduction to Chinese culture.

Presented by Melbourne Recital Centre in association with Asia TOPA

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