The Only Constant

I’m imagining myself in Italy, in a sunny classroom learning Italian.

And in London visiting museums.

And in New York seeing my daughter.

And in all these places – London, San Giovanni Valderno and New York, I hope to gather ideas for a new novel.

‘But it’s not until June!’ I tell my dog who’s looking at me accusingly.

I bought a new suitcase today and am practicing packing. The case is quite small – one of the hard types. But I’m determined to travel light. She relaxes when I put the case in the cupboard and change into my old trackie pants ready to cook dinner.

My daughter, Lei Lei is moving to New York in May to work. She has left home before to go on a gap year au pairing in Paris. And while she was at Monash University she did an exchange for 6 months at the University of California, Santa Barbara. But now she’s finished her studies, she’s about to embark on her own journey. With a dual US/Australian passport she can work there for as long as she likes. This has been a dream of hers which began even before she got hooked on ‘Sex in the City’!

Watching your children grow reminds you that ‘Change’ is the only constant in life.

I am lucky I have my writing. And that changes constantly too.

Royalty statements fluctuate. (one fairly thin one came this week)

Enthusiasm for WIP wavers from day to day.

Ideas come and go in dreams and upon waking, as does my Muse.

As I grow older I’ve learnt that living quietly and evenly is better than flying high.

I’ve learnt that friendships are to be cherished.

And that there’s nothing better than having wonderful family around you.

9 thoughts on “The Only Constant

  1. I agree Gabrielle about growing older. I am currently yearning for peace and serenity but I can’t seem to find it, not at the moment and it’s not doing me any good. Your words soothe me, they always do, thank you… and have a lovely trip! 🙂

    1. Thank you, Kathleen. I recently watched a dvd about some monks in China who have become hermits in the mountains. I’m not sure if I want to find that much peace. But they all said, being Buddhist monks, that the world is an illusion. I hope you find your peace, soon.

  2. Yes Gabi, I agree with all you have said and as my young adults are almost the same ages as yours, I am sharing those same experiences.
    The writing is exactly as you say – fly high in Italia, London and New York – I know you will. Thank you for this beautiful post, made me reflect very much.

    1. Thanks Corinne. I will endeavour to fly high. It’s lovely having young adults. I think I’m enjoying this phase of child rearing the best. They are fully independent and yet still share their lives with us.

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