The Lion Drummer

The cover of my new Aussie Bite, The Lion Drummer has just come through via email. It looks great and is illustrated by Andrew McLean. The book will be out in July.

The story was inspired by my niece, Louisa, who is training to be a lion dancer. It was also inspired by the big dragon, Dai Long. Tomorrow he will parade through the streets of Chinatown in Melbourne. Every year I join in the parade. It’s tiring but lots of fun. I love the sound the drums make. The drumming gets right inside you. So if you can, come down and meet Dai Long and touch him for good luck. If you are over 10 years old, you can even be in the Chinese New Year parade yourselves. Come to the Chinese Museum in Melbourne at 10.30 tomorrow.

Dai Long is the biggest dragon in the world.

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