The importance of a likeable teacher

I am reminded once again of the importance of liking your teacher in order for the brain to be open to learning.

I’ve been studying Italian on and off for years but have taken it more seriously these past few months. In June I’m off to an Italian school in San Giovanni, Italy. Yay!

Every morning I listen to my Italian Pimsleur course and a few sentences and phrases are actually sinking in. I was at Bunnings the other day and the word ‘fantastico’ came out without me wanting it to. You know how helpful and polite and well trained Bunning’s people are so this young man certainly deserved the word fantastico lavished upon him, but he looked at me strangely in a polite Bunnings kind of way.

As well as listening to Italian on my ipod, I also take classes once a week. My teacher last term was a gorgeous, pretty, vivacious, smiling all the time, funkily dressed young woman and class was fun and upbeat. This term however we have another teacher who seems to be the exact opposite. Perhaps it’s still too early to judge as I’ve only been to one class, but it seems that all my classmates have left too.

So this morning, as I get ready for my Italian class, I feel a reluctance to go. What is it, I ask myself that I don’t like about this teacher?

Ah yes, that’s it! She reminds me of my hated school days and embodies all the crabby teachers I have ever known. I even have in my diaphragm that sick feeling I used to get before an exam.

Still, off I go to face my demon all for the sake of Italian.

2 thoughts on “The importance of a likeable teacher

  1. When I read this entry it brought it all back.
    Those mean teachers. The endless days. The asphalt and sawdust. (there seemed to be a lot of people with weak stomachs at my school)
    Hope it was much better than you expected! And you’re learning Italian,which has to be more exciting than silmutaneous equations.


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