the act of doing

I love Japanese fabric and design so a few years ago I made a patchwork quilt for our bed.


I found the act of doing was the most rewarding part of making that quilt. As I don’t have a sewing machine I hand stitched it all.

I am inspired to do more craft. It is something I can do watching TV, which I can’t do when writing or illustrating.

As winter is coming, maybe I’ll knit a vest.

I do like knitting.





2 thoughts on “the act of doing

  1. Love your quilt, Gabi. I have a patchwork quilt that I have been making , very, very slowly, for 25 years! Just a simple hexagonal pattern that I return to sporadically and hope one day to finish! You’ve inspired me to get back to it!

    1. Good luck with your quilt, Marjory. The hexagonal pattern type is more time consuming. Would love to see it when it’s finished xx

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