Talking Fever

This time of year is a feverish time for all children’s authors. There is Children’s Book Week where schools request authors to give talks over the course of two weeks. And there are also the writing festivals. This year the festivals overlap a little which makes it a very busy time indeed.

I’m almost done with preparations for the Melbourne and Brisbane Writers Festivals. I look forward to the festivals and the chance to meet new people but I will also be glad when they’re over so I can get back to doing what I love and that is writing.

Because of a big writing project, I haven’t visited as many schools as I would have liked to. I love the visits because it keeps me in touch with my audience which is so important especially now that I don’t have school aged children of my own.

One thought on “Talking Fever

  1. Dear Gabrielle, I read your novel ” Little Paradise” and fell in love with your book. I am now working in Melbourne and really like to meet you at your convenience. Do please give me your email address and I will write you more about my work here and why I want to meet you. Best regards, kathy Chen

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