Sunday in New York City

Clothes are cheap in NY and there is so much to choose from. Chelsea market in the meat packing district is cool with a wonderful sushi/fish shop. Bought wild salmon for dinner packed in ice and walked down Fifth Avenue to Central Park. It was raining and the colours were muted, soothing, peaceful. American Elms, with mist green leaves and wet black arms bending this way and that stood along the paths, silent, majestic. An ibis stalked in a lake, bent its neck into an S shape and stabbed a pale blue fish. Tortoises rested on rocks their little striped heads pointing to the sky as if they could hear something others could not. A boy juggler showed off his skills while his grandfather watched and onlookers dropped coins into a bucket. We passed the Boathouse where Carrie fell into the water in Sex and the City. Subways are the veins and arteries of the city. If you are unable to walk, if you are elderly, it is impossible to go anywhere too far from home. At the end of each day, I return to my apartment on the edge of East Harlem with aching feet and exhausted breath but with a contented soul.


4 thoughts on “Sunday in New York City

    1. Its 10pm on the 4th of July and the night is bursting with the sound of fire works. Unlike Melbourne where fireworks are banned unless the city council puts on a display, here in New York it seems that everyone can let them off and they’re loud too, like huge bombs.

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