Stories are gifts of love


Whenever I read a story be it a novel, short story or song I am enriched. When these stories come from students, I am in awe of the talent that is all around us.

Here are two beautiful pieces that were gifted to me this week.

Butterflies at My Fingers  a song by Yvonne, Grade 4, Bell Street Primary School, Preston.

When I see my tears drop on the ground
My heart breaks and I fall
But I see a bit of hope
I stand up tall like a building high up in the sky
I see butterflies flying at the top
When I reach out they perch on my fingers
But when I flick my hand they go
I try my best to get them back
Instead I see a girl
She takes me alone
She takes me to a garden
Where I see my butterfly flying high


The Picture  by Bianca, Year 7, Killester College, Springvale.

The picture showed a tall princess with long fiery hair and wearing a golden dress. She had eyes the colour of amber and she looked relieved. She was standing on a gold balcony staring up into the stars. Stars in the sky are the reflection of your soul. The stars that shine the most brightly are the stars that are linked to your spirit. Crystal is lake a stone form of human emotions Rubies are love Jade is happiness and Quartz is calming life.


On the 14th of December, 2011 by Shyami, Year 7, Killester College, Springvale.

I was getting ready for school when my mum told me I was not going to school but to the hospital to visit my grandpa who had been taken to the emergency the night before. My mum left alone to visit my grandpa, while my sister, Whitney, dad and I left a while later. When we arrived at the hospital, my two cousins were there but said we were’t allowed into his room since there was more than six people in there. But then my uncle quickly sneaked my sister and I into the emergency. When we walked into his room, I just burst into tears, just seeing him there made my whole body shake, my mum pulled me away and told me that the Doctors said that his body systems were shutting down, one by one. When I heard this I sobbed for two hours, hoping and praying that he wouldn’t leave us. But, at 12 midday, my papa passed away.


2 thoughts on “Stories are gifts of love

  1. Thank you for posting my song on your blog. Marg wanted to see it so please send her a link or just tell her directions to find it.

    Thank you.

    PS: I am up to 10 pages of butterflies at my fingers and I published a book Captain Cooks Voyage at the writers festival at Bell P.S (Bell Primary School)

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