This is one of my favourite dishes because it’s easy and delicious. I love the crunchy, sweet taste of the corn.


3 corn on the cob

1 T chopped spring onions

11/2 T cooking oil (I use light olive oil)

½ t salt


Wash the corn.

Stand a corncob on end over a dish and with a sawing motion cut off the kernels.

Repeat with the other two cobs.

Heat the wok until hot, pour in the oil and salt. Then stir fry the corn kernels, tossing them with a spatula for about 7 minutes. The kernels should be sweet but still crispy when done. Add the chopped spring onions and serve.

If you want to add meat you can use a small portion of mince chicken marinated in sesame seed oil and a bit of soy sauce. First cook the corn as above. Pour out into a dish. Add more oil and stir fry the mince chicken. Lastly toss the corn back in and give it a few flips with the spatula. Then the dish is done.

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