Spreading Out to Let Creativity In

It’s good to be able to spread myself out. This is the beauty of being on a writing retreat and I am treasuring every moment. At home, my writing room is cramped and dark. When I began writing 10 years ago, I used the corner of our bedroom, so it’s not necessary to have a dedicated writing space, but it sure helps if the environment you create in is one that allows the ideas to flow.

My dream writing room would have plenty of light, plenty of bench, floor and table space, lots of windows and easy access to the outside.

While I’ve been in Lorne I designed some fun Chinese Horoscope animals to use on school visits.

Brought to you today by Saffy.

anims 1


3 thoughts on “Spreading Out to Let Creativity In

  1. They are wonderful Gabrielle. You should post them as downloadable colouring sheets. And as for the writing retreat – if we had webcam you would see my pretty shade of green… *smile*

  2. Amazing pictures!
    It must be nice where you are. Back here in melbourne it’s still scorching!
    Ironic how it was Black Saturday last year and this year Melbourne City literally flooded. The weather is so bizarre here. 😐

    Your dog is gorgeous! Is she a spoodle?
    My dog’s a spoodle too. They look pretty similar 🙂

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