16 thoughts on “Some beautiful Peng drawings from the 3’s and 4’s at St Paul Apostle Primary School

  1. Dear Gabrielle,

    Thank you so much for visiting our school and speaking to us about how you get your inspiration for writing, your writing process and for showing us how to draw Peng. We also loved the pictures of your dogs!

    We can’t wait to read some more of your books. Some of us are going to see if we can find The Wishbird on the weekend

    Happy writing,
    SPAN Middle School

    1. Thank you for a lovely visit SPAN Middle School. I love your drawings of Peng. I really like the way your classes are in one giant space. It made me want to be a child again so I could go to your school.
      Keep up the great reading, writing and illustrating!

      Gabrielle x

  2. Dear Gabrielle,

    Thankyou for visiting us because i am from St Paul.I really love your book the garden of emprias cassia,and how you use a lot of fantasy in it about the pastals.I am hopeing to read some more of your books.

    From Tara

    1. Dear Tara,

      It was such a pleasure visiting your school and thank you for letting me know how much you enjoyed The Garden of Empress Cassia.

      Keep up the great reading!

      Gabrielle x

  3. Dear Gabrielle Wang,

    I really like your books. I really like the book Wish bird when oddie and boy goes on adventures. I’m thinking of reading empress of cassia now. Are you writing any books now. Thank-you for coming to St Paul Apostle North and teaching us how to draw Peng. It was difficult. I can’t wait till your next book. What are your two dogs name?

    Warm regards.
    Sherlin 5N ????????????????????

    1. Hi Sherlin,

      I really enjoyed coming to your school.
      At the moment I’m writing a new Our Australian Girl about a girl called Pearlie who lives in Darwin during World War Two. The black cocker spaniel is named Hero. The golden is Saffy.

      x Gabrielle

  4. Dear Gabrelie wang,

    how did you get the idea of writing so much books
    i hope your hand dos not heart
    for a while have fun?

    1. Dear Lol

      Ideas are all around us. Sometimes I just clap my hands and an idea will come to my mind. But not all ideas are
      good enough to make a whole novel.

      My hand doesn’t hurt because I use a computer.


      x Gabrielle

  5. Dear Gabrielle Wang,

    I hope you had enjoyed visiting our school, because it was great spending time with you!

    What book are you writing at the moment?

    Here are some ideas you might like for your next book:

    1. The Runaway Hot Air Balloon
    2. The Magic Moon
    3. The Mysterious Stone

    Do you know any of the following authors?

    1. Carole Wilkinsone
    2. Geronimo Stilton or Thea Stilton
    3. Enid Blyton

    From your best fans ever Isabelle, Maria and Rafaela

    1. Dear Isabelle, Maria and Rafaela,

      I had a wonderful time at your school thank you for having me.

      At the moment I’m working on another Our Australian Girl series and her name is Pearlie. You’ll be able to read the first
      novel in February 2014.

      What wonderful ideas. Thank you. I particularly like The Runaway Hot Air Balloon.

      Carole Wilkinson is a friend. I haven’t heard of Geronimo or Thea Stilton and of course I know of Enid Blyton who was my favourite author
      when I was young.

      Happy Reading!

      x Gabrielle

  6. Dear Gabrelie wang,

    how did you get the idea of writing so much books
    i hope your hand dos not heart
    come back and have fun instad of
    having fun with books> (:

  7. Dear Gabrielle Wang,

    We love your books! We love how you use your imagination to write books.

    What is your favourite book of yours?

    From Tiana and Louisa:)

    1. Dear Tiana and Louisa,

      Thank you for writing!
      My latest book The Wishbird is my favourite novel so far. It’s more a fable and I loved doing the illustrations for it.

      I hope you get to read it.

      x Gabrielle

  8. Dear Gabrielle Wang,

    Thanks you so much! From Olivia for puting her picture of Peng on your website.

    Ronan’s favourite book is Empress Cassia.

    We hope you keep writing books like Empress Cassia.

    From Olivia & Ronan

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