A Small Happiness

Happiness is finding a fairy den in the heart of Melbourne. While taking my dog for a walk and collecting new perches for my cockatiel, I came across this beautiful track in Wattle Park.

Happiness is Gaudi’s, Casa Batllo. Ever since I studied Art History in high school, I have loved Antonio Gaudi’s work but I had only seen photographs. Then I was lucky enough to go to Barcelona and this building, Casa Battlo, literally took my breath away. The only other time that happened to me was when I snorkelled on the Great Barrier Reef.

Happiness is a flower filled, rose scented writing room. My writing table never looks as neat as this so I took a photograph just to remind myself that working in a pleasing environment can be good for the brain. It didn’t help my writing but it did make me want to sit in front of my laptop so I could smell the beautiful roses.

Happiness is camping on a dry river bed in Central Australia. I took this photo of my swag as dawn approached. The solitary sound was the call of a Mopoke in a nearby tree. He called throughout the night. This is what he sounded like.

Happiness is my writer’s retreat which I go to several times each year. This summer I saw a koala and an echidna very close to the house, as well as lots of noisy cockatoos and kookaburras.

Here is the koala having a good scratch.

6 thoughts on “A Small Happiness

  1. That koala photo is amazing.
    This is such a lovely post. I found myself nodding at every paragraph.
    It reminded me of the simple things to be grateful for.

  2. Gaudi’s buildings are brilliant! And I must say I’m very jealous you got that close to them, I can only dream 🙁 I’m also very jealous of your retreat, that would have to be the best way I could think of to get away from everyone. Well, your happiness brightened my morning Gabrielle, thank you 🙂

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