Robert McKee Story Seminar

Robert Mckee is considered the guru of Story and every novelist should have a copy of his book in their shelves.  He was in Melbourne over the weekend to deliver his gruelling but inspirational three days of lectures. This is the second time I have attended his seminar, the first was back in 2003. (John Cleese has taken it 4 times)  Now onto my 6th book I feel a little more confident about my storytelling ability. It is a complicated craft, and there is so much to learn. What was brilliant about each day was that while he was speaking, I was constantly measuring up what he was saying against my new novel, Little Paradise, sort of like a check list: yes – my protagonist is 3 dimensional, yes – all the other characters show different facets of her personality, yes – there is plenty of conflict, yes – there is an inciting incident and turning points which intensify. etc etc. At the same time I was jotting down the things that I needed to attend to. I have been commissioned to write a series of 4 novels and his words sparked off ideas for those as well. If he came back in another three years time, I’d certainly go through it all again. I would sit through 11 hours each day with hardly time for a toilet break all for the sake of being able to tell the classic story.

4 thoughts on “Robert McKee Story Seminar

  1. Oh, your website is so pretty! Did you give it a spruce up?
    I really wanted to do the workshop this time but knew I would be in the throes of marking uni essays (which I was). But thanks for the little recap here. I hope he does come back.

    1. Yes, definitely worthwhile, Teresa. There’s almost too much to think about so just concentrate on the main elements in his book on classic story. And of course, a lot of his info relates to film rather than the printed word. Can’t wait to read your book, it sounds really heartwarming. Sorry I missed your radio interview.

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