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In line with the new Australian Curriculum – Australian/Asian focus, the following books may be of interest to teachers for use in the classroom.

The Wishbird

Years 4-6

~ mythical setting somewhere in the borderlands of north west China

~ boy and girl heroes

~ Themes – music, family, friendship, environment, power, bullying, belonging, death, loneliness,

bravery, love, forgiveness, connectedness, loss, multiculturalism

The Race for the Chinese Zodiac

Years Prep – 6

~ picture book

~ Ancient Chinese myth/fable

~ river and mountain setting

~ animals with human attributes

~ historical

Themes for class discussion:

Friendship and cooperation – Rooster, Goat and Monkey band together to build a raft, Ox takes Rat and Cat on her back.

Altruism – Dragon helps Rabbit without Rabbit knowing. Dragon could have come first except that he stops to help relieve a drought.

The smallest can achieve great things. Rat is the smallest of the animals.

There are different ways to do things. There are many paths to achieve a goal – Rooster, Goat and Monkey build a raft, Pig floats across on her back, Rabbit floats on a log, Dog, Horse, Tiger, Ox are strong swimmers, Dragon flies across the river.

Friendship and Betrayal – Rat pushes Cat into the water, leading to a long term feud between cats and rats.

The strong helping the weak – Ox and Dragon help others.

Determination – Rabbit, Rat and Cat don’t like water but they still join in the race.

The Lion Drummer (Aussie Bite)

Years 1- 4

~ Chinese themes

~ Australian urban setting

~ Chinatown

~ Chinese dragon parade

~ Chinese traditions

~ immigration

~ determination

~ breaking with tradition

Four Poppy Novels which are part of the Our Australian Girl series

Meet Poppy, Poppy at Summerhill, Poppy and the Thief, Poppy Comes Home

Years 3 to 6

~ Gold Rush

~ historical fiction (Victoria and NSW 1864)

~ Indigenous themes

~ Chinese themes

~ The setting – along the Murray River from Echuca to Beechworth

~ immigration

The Garden of Empress Cassia

Years 3 to 6

~ urban Australian setting

~ Chinese landscape setting of lakes, pavilions, grottos, mountains

~ magical realism

~ Chinese themes

~ immigration

~ Chinese philosophy

~ adventure

~ art

The Pearl of Tiger Bay

Years 3-6

~ coastal township setting

~ Chinese themes

~ supernatural themes

~ Chinese philosophy

~ adventure

~ immigration

The Hidden Monastery

Years 3 – 6

~ set in a Queensland rainforest and a magical Chinese monastery

~ mythical creatures

~ hurricanes/weather

~ themes of conservation

~ magical realism

~ Chinese themes

~ immigration

~ adventure

~ Chinese philosophy

~ martial arts

~ Chinese mythology

A Ghost in My Suitcase

Years 3-6

This novel is a prequel to The Pearl of Tiger Bay

~ Chinese themes

~ modern day setting

~ set in Australia and an ancient Chinese water town like Venice

~ historical references to China

~ supernatural themes

~ Chinese philosophy

~ adventure

Little Paradise

Young Adult novel

Years 7 – 10

~ YA historical fiction based on a true story

~ World War 2 and Chinese Communist Revolution

~  Setting Melbourne and Shanghai
~  love story
~ Australian WW2 history

~ Chinese WW2 history

~ mapmaking

~ fashion

~ art


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