Ravens at Twilight

Li Bai is one of China’s most loved poets. He lived during the Tang dynasty (618-907) which is also known as the ‘Golden Age’ of classical Chinese poetry.

Here is one of Li Bai’s beautiful poems translated by Sun Yu.

Ravens at Twilight

By the old city wall, clouds turn yellow in the twilight;

The ravens are seeking their daily rest.

“Ya…Ya…” they caw noisily among the twigs,

Each flying back to its nest for the night.


At a loom alone weaves the young wife of Chinchuan,

Murmuring within her blue window curtains,

Thin as the vanishing smoke.


Wearily she stops her little shuttle,

And asks the passers-by for the news of her husband.

Hearing that he is still fighting at the West Pass,

Her tears pour down like a sudden sweep of warm rain!



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