I finished the Stieg Larsson books the other day and have to say I rather enjoyed them. It took a little while to get used to the Swedish names and I felt The Girl With The Dragon Tattoo got off to a very slow start. But things picked up after that with a whopper of a surprise in the second novel, The Girl Who Played With Fire.
I don’t think I’ll see the movie though. The actor doesn’t look anything like how I imagine Lisbeth Salander to look like. Maybe I’ll wait until it comes on DVD.

The Larsson books left me in a Swedish kind of mood with forests and lake houses and snow so now I’m listening to The Return of the Dancing Master by Henning Mankell. This is a straight forward who-done-it mystery which rolls along very smoothly. I’m enjoying that one too. I like audio books. I used to borrow them from the library but now I buy and download them off the internet. Even though it costs more, it’s much easier than loading discs into my computer so I can copy them onto my ipod.

My ipod is one of my favourite devices. I especially like listening to an audio book while I’m cooking.

Louis Braille has bought the audio rights for Little Paradise which was very pleasing to hear.

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