Poppy comes home to Wahgunyah

Last week, my publisher Jane Godwin, Our Australian Girl series editor Davina Bell, my editor, Katie Evans and I travelled up to Wahgunyah to launch the final book in the series, Poppy Comes Home.

The launch took place at the Wahgunyah Primary School. After the launch I did an illustrating workshop with the students from Year 3 to 6.

You can see by the smiles on all of our faces that we had a lot of fun.
Katie Evans and Davina Bell

One of the books in the Poppy series, Poppy and the Thief, is set in and around Wahgunyah as my great grandfather, who came from China during the gold rush, settled, then married there.

I am very proud to say that my grandfather and all his brothers and sisters went to Wahgunyah primary school.

My great grandmother seated on the right with her children. I'm not sure which one of the boys is my grandfather.
Katie Evans and Jane Godwin
Students with their drawings of Peng from my book The Hidden Monastery

Thank you so much to the principal, Sandra Rosenbrock, the staff and all the students for helping me launch Poppy Comes Home!

2 thoughts on “Poppy comes home to Wahgunyah

  1. What a lovely visit that would have been and special because of your family history.
    Just love the kids’ drawings of Peng.
    Well done, Gabrielle. I bet the kids loved having you there.

    1. Thanks Kaye. We all had a really fun time. And it was a great little road trip for the Penguin ladies and me. We dined in Rutherglen and lunched in Beechworth. A perfect ending for the Poppy series.

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