Poetry in Motion

I have had a lovely four weeks working in my son and daughter’s old primary school. The grade 3 children have been a delight and are so so talented.

Thank you Grade 3’s of Auburn South Primary School! You Rock!!

Here are just two of the beautiful poems that were written in the workshop today.

The first one is by Ben.

Happiness is yellow
It tastes like chocolate cake
And smells like my mum’s perfume
It looks like a smiley face
And sounds like waves crashing on the beach
Happiness makes me feel like I’m in Heaven.

And this one is by Mei Hua

Happiness is ocean blue
It tastes like chocolate
And smells like nature in the morning
It looks like a beautiful butterfly
And sounds like a jungle full of animals
Happiness makes me feel like cuddling teachers.

This one is by Aisling

Happiness is a bright rainbow

It tastes like jelly

And smells like mints

It looks like cute puppies

and sounds like baby kittens meowing

Happiness makes me feel like I’m flying

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