My Visit to Coolgardie and Kurrawang WA

I spent a truly magical day with the kids from two schools in Coolgardie and Kurrawang, WA. It was such a wonderful way to finish my Follow the Dragon tour as Laureate.

At C.A.P.S Coolgardie, I had a fantastic session where I met a student named Kana, who dressed up as Zadie Ma for Book Week and won the parade! Kana is pictured on my right.

I also had a very special time at C.A.P.S Kurrawang, where, after my session, we went out bush. The kids took me to visit the cubbies they had built – a project they started during lockdown. All of the students were so proud of their bush cubbies.

We spent the rest of the day amidst the beautiful landscape, sitting around telling stories, and I was told about the local bush tucker. During the bus ride home, the kids sang ‘We Are Australian’ in their language.

Thank you, C.A.P.S Coolgardie and C.A.P.S Kurrawang. This day will remain one of the warmest moments in my writing life—a truly wonderful day.

– Gabi X

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