My New Look Website

My new website is up. Thank you, Jin & Co.

I felt like I needed a change from my old site which I’ve had for quite a number of years. Over those years my tastes and my illustrations have changed. I do a lot more illustration work and I thought that the look of my website should reflect that.

Jin is a wonderful designer who designs websites specifically for authors. He is also my nephew (:

He has designed websites for many of my author friends including Corinne Fenton, Vikki Wakefield, Emily Gale, Belinda Murrell, Fiona Wood, Anna Brandford, Sandy Fussell, Lian Tanner, Anne Ryan, GJ Stroud, Penny Matthews, Karen Tayleur, Frane Lessac, Goldie Alexander, Diane Lawrenson, Glenda Millard, Danielle Binks, Helene Chung,

You can read their testimonials HERE

Check out Jin’s WEBSITE

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