My New Book Trailer

I am slowly working my way back through my books and making a book trailer for each one. Here is the latest teaser for A Ghost in My Suitcase.

I am slowly working through my back list of titles making a book trailer for each one. Here is the brand new trailer Ren and I made for A Ghost in My Suitcase. Ren is the one who puts it all together, syncing the pictures and music. How lucky I am to have a son who can do all this for me.

15 thoughts on “My New Book Trailer

  1. Hi Gabrielle! My name is Nancy and I’m in year 5 at St. Raphael’s Catholic School in West Preston in Victoria, Melbourne. Is that your son Ren? I LOVE your books Gabrielle especially The Ghost in My Suitcase and The Pearl Of Tiger Bay. Your books are amazing! It would be cool if there would a movie for your books! My classmates love your books too! My parents come from Shanghai and I know how to talk Shanghainese or Wu. Do you? I was cool when you were talking about Shanghai in The Ghost in My Suitcase. It is awesome talking to a famous author……
    Well, bye!

    1. Hi Nancy, I love Shanghai and only came back a few months ago. My dad came from there but unfortunately I can’t speak Shanghainese. I can speak Mandarin but not that well because I was born in Melbourne. My mum spoke Cantonese and my dad Mandarin and Shanghainese so we grew up speaking English.
      I’m glad you like my books because I am passionate about writing them.
      And yes, Ren is my son.

  2. Wow, that was beautiful <3!
    It was really well done, I got goosebumps. 🙂
    What was the music piece called? It was so pretty, almost nostalgic.
    Great work, Gabrielle.

    1. Thanks Chrissy. The music is from stock music. I had to buy it. I’m not sure what it’s called but I love it. I also love the music that I found for Little Paradise book trailer. I really like making mini movies.

  3. Hello Gabrielle.I love your book a Ghost In My Suitcase.I read thrice.I can’t keep your book down when I see it.The most awesomest book I have ever read.

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