My little Hero

On Sunday I went down to Freshwater Creek, near Geelong, to take a look at my new puppy.

He is an English cocker spaniel and I’m going to call him Hero.

There were 8 pups in the litter. This is one of the male pups. As it is still too early to know their personality, I asked Shirley, the breeder, to choose one for me. I want a dog that is not too boisterous and not too shy.

One that will suit a writer’s life.

Baby brothers. They still have their eyes and ears closed. That’s something I never knew before, that newborn puppies have their ears sealed up too.

This is Jade, Hero’s mum. She is two years old and first time mother. Isn’t she lovely?

And here is Bradley, Hero’s dad. He’s 11 years old and half brother of my dog, Saffy who passed away in July.

This is Cooper. I love her cute eyebrows, don’t you?

I won’t be collecting our pup until the end of November. I know how much time a puppy takes up, so my goal is to finish the first draft of The Wish Bird before I welcome little Hero into our home.

I can’t wait!

8 thoughts on “My little Hero

  1. Oh I am so happy for you and I am in love with all of them, they are just so adorable Gabrielle! I think Cooper is fantastic, she looks like the old Heinze soup man Robert Morley only much cuter 😉 Great news 😀

  2. Ahh, Gabrielle, aren’t puppies the most precious thing!
    Those puppies are so cute. Hero is such a perfect name for a dog, well chosen. 🙂

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