My little Hero

I am very busy at the moment with Hero, our new cocker spaniel puppy. We picked him up last Sunday. He’s 8 weeks old.

The house is a mess. The floor is covered in leaves and dirt from the garden. And there are child proof gates on all the doors leading from the kitchen/breakfast room to the rest of the house. But Hero is adorable as you can see from the photos.

And very smart too!

In three days he has learnt to come when he’s called. He can sit and beg and drop. And he sits before his meals. What a clever little puppy! It’s actually very easy to teach puppies to do all these things if you give them treats.

Tonight is his first puppy training class.

When Hero sleeps, which is a lot of the time, I try and work on my new novel, The Wish Bird.

I am rewriting the first draft. It is slow going but at least the story is progressing. Anne Lamott’s advice from her fantastic book on writing is always good to keep in mind. “Bird by bird, buddy. Just take it bird by bird.”

13 thoughts on “My little Hero

  1. He’s gorgeous! Slow going with my little guy, too but he’s getting there and growing cuter by the day. Enjoy every snuggle and puddle. They grow up so fast! xx

  2. Oh my goodness look at that face! I think he could get away with nearly anything at my place 😉 Just beautiful ?

    1. We’ve both just come home from puppy school. I don’t know who is more tired, him or me. Now I’ve been, I think 8 weeks is a bit too young. Poor little guy got reprimanded a lot.

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