My Heroes

‘Love what you do and do what you love. Don’t listen to anyone else who tells you not to do it. You do what you want, what you love. Imagination should be the center of your life.’ Ray Bradbury

What a wonderful way to live ones life. Ray Bradbury is a hero of mine. My other heroes are Albert Einstein, Mark Twain and Oscar Wilde. I love them for their intellect, their wit and the unique way they see the world.


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    1. Hi Bianca,
      I’ve written 11 books. You can either go to your local bookstore and order them in if they don’t have them. Or you can order them online from a bookshop like

  1. Hello Gabrielle. This morning Grade 3 / 4H are having a look at your website and they are excited about you coming to visit.
    They have read The Race for the Chinese Zodiac, they have read a little of Poppy and they are looking forward to reading more of your books.
    Grace would like to know are you going to write any new books?
    Alex would like to know what is your favourite book that you have written?
    Connor would like to know who your favourite author was when you were growing up?
    Olivia would like to know how old you were when you wrote your first book?
    Sam would like to know if you know any other famous authors?
    From Grade 3/4 H at Bell P.S

    1. Hi Marg,

      Lovely to hear from you.

      Hi Grace, yes i will have a new book out nextnyear called The Wish Bird.I’ll tell you more about it when I come and visit.

      Hi Alex, its hard to say which is my favourite book because its like being asked which of my children is my favourite child. If I had to say it would be the Poppy books, I guess. But i like all my books.

      Hi Connor, I loved all the Famous Five and Secret Seven books by Enid Blyton. Also the Magic Faraway Tree.

      Hi Olivia, I was 19 when I wrote my first book.It was tiny and could fit on the palm of your hand.

      Hi Sam, Yes, I know quite a few famous authors.

      Gabrielle x

  2. Hi Gabrielle,
    We are reading historical fiction books and we would like to know how many historical fiction books you have written?
    We are reading Meet Poppy with our class. We are really looking forward to you coming to our school. Your Poppy book is fascinating and lots of us are hoping that you can think up another book.
    Amina is reading A Ghost In My Suitcase.
    Zeke hopes that you can write another series of books.
    Wanyea would like to know is it fun to be a writer?
    Dion asks will there be any more books related to the Poppy series?
    Bye for now Grade 3 /4 B at Bell P.S

    1. Hi Grade 3/4,
      Thanks for visiting my website!
      I’ve written 5 historical fiction books, the 4 Poppy books and Little Paradise.

      Hi Amina, I hope you are enjoying A Ghost in My Suitcase and that its not too scary!

      Hi Zeke, I am beginning a new series for Our Australian Girl. It will be published in 2014.

      Hi Wanyea, I looovve being a writer especially for children and wouldn’t swap it for any job in the whole world.

      Hi Dion, No, no books related to Poppy but I will be writing a new character with a whole new story as I mentioned to Zeke.

      See younall soon!

      Gabrielle x

  3. Hi Gabrielle,
    It is grade 5 / 6 M here today, we have been thinking about what we would like to learn from you when you come to visit us.
    We are interested in how you get your ideas for writing. We would also love some tips from you as to how we could become better writers.
    We know that you do a lot of research for your books, is this difficult and does it take a long time?
    You don’t have to answer all of our questions now but we are curious to know how come you started to write the Our Australian Girls Series about Poppy?
    We are looking forward to meeting you.
    Grade 5 / 6 M

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