Mothers & Daughters Book Club

Last night I was invited to meet the members of a Mothers and Daughters Book Club (MDBC) to discuss the book they had been reading for the month which was my latest novel, The Hidden Monastery. This book club is such a great idea that I want to pass it on to you. There were five mums and five daughters (in grade 5) and each pair take it in turns to select a book to read. Both mother and daughter have to read the book. Whoever selected that book has the bookclub in their house and provides food which means that if there are five members (ten if you include the mums), you have it in your house once every five months. Last night we had vegetarian spring rolls and dumplings because in The Hidden Monastery, the monks don’t eat meat. So as well as it being a great time to discuss the book, it’s fun too because you have a little party at the same time. You can structure the bookclub any way you like but the group I visited last night answered questions about the book which were slipped into fortune cookies. Very imaginative. They sometimes have the mums act out some of the characters which must be very funny.
I love this idea and would love to hear if any others out there have formed a bookclub like this one or will form one after reading this blog. A FSBC would be great too! That’s a Fathers and Sons Book Club.

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