I received new copies of Little Paradise Audio book today from my publisher, which is always very exciting. But my excitement is often tinged with trepidation.

What if I don’t like the voice?

Also, in this book more than any of my others, the reader needs to speak with a Chinese, German, French, Italian and Polish accent as well as say some sentences in those languages. This is a huge ask.

But the reader, Miriam Glaser, has done a wonderful job. I love her voice. She is the perfect Mirabel.


  1. Hi Gabrielle,
    My daughter needs help with her reading and I see that you have an audio version. Is it posable to down loan this on to her kiddle or ibook?
    Thanks for your help.

    Craig Birchall

    1. Hi Craig,
      Unfortunately no, because Little Paradise is not published in the USA. The only thing is to buy or ask your local library to get in the audio book version, copy it onto a computer, then onto an ipod if that’s how your daughter listens. I often borrow audio books from the library and listen to them that way.

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