My new Young Adult novel Little Paradise hits the shelves today!

It’s always a wonderful feeling to know your book is all grown up and out on its own. It’s also tempting, when out shopping, to pop into a book shop to see if your new book is there.

Little Paradise has had some great reviews and my publicist, Kate has done a wonderful job securing press and radio interviews so you should be able to find it in your local bookstore if you want to buy it.

Just for starters, here’s an excerpt from Chapter One called Bones of the Soothsayer.

The soothsayer held the oracle bone with both hands and went strangely still. The fire hissed, the light from the coals glowed then faded. He turned the bone, studying the fine lines. Then more stillness. Another angle.

Mirabel rose and sat beside Mama on the couch, not daring to speak. At times a shadow of a frown crossed the soothsayer’s face. At other times the corners of his lips twitched or he raised his eyebrows, wrinkling his brow.

The fire burned low as shades of dusk crept into the room. The soothsayer picked up a metal probe and began carving onto the surface of the oracle bone with tiny scratching sounds.

At last he held the oracle bone out to Mirabel. ‘Hao le, it is done.’

Mama, unable to control herself, took the bone from him. She stepped to the window to read the inscription aloud.

Dressing the dead

Treasure not wed

Lost on the sea

To fortune you’ll flee’

Mama looked up, puzzled.

The soothsayer took the bone and pressed it into Mirabel’s hands. ‘Wherever you go, no matter how far from home, be sure to take it with you,’ he said with soft urgency.

‘Yes, sir. Will…everything be all right?’

The soothsayer made no reply but ushered them to the door.

Out in the gloom of the alleyway where the hooded streetlamps flickered, Mirabel walked in silence across the cobblestones. But her mother’s words echoed inside her head: Changing your name will change your whole destiny.

10 thoughts on “LITTLE PARADISE

  1. i loved the book, truly did:)…
    it gave me a good intro to history. you did an awsome job, and should feel very proud. The truth that it’s based on a true stroy is quite scary, sad and happy. Little paradise may me feel sad about somthing that is not true, and happy for someone whom i have never met!….
    Give youself a BIG pat on the back….well done…
    i’m reading it to my students now, they’re really shocked at how good it is:)

    1. Dear Jasmine,

      Thank you for your lovely email.
      I really appreciate you writing to me and telling me how much you enjoyed Little Paradise. It is always so pleasing to hear.

      with best wishes

  2. Dear Gabrielle Wang,
    WOW. I just finished your book…I started reading it late last night, and finished it at about midday! Your book ‘Little Paradise’ is amazing, and I smiled right along with Mirabel, and my heart ached as she cried… I felt everything she did. Such a compelling read. I recommend that all who cross it, read it. Congratulations on an amazing job!
    Love Always, Emili x

    1. Dear Emili
      Thank you for letting me know how much you enjoyed Little Paradise.
      It was the hardest book I’ve written because it was based on my parents’ love affair but the most satisfying.
      Your lovely words mean a lot to me

      Gabrielle xx

  3. The book was one of your best books I’ve read!!!! Please write more because I have read all your books and I really liked A Ghost In My SuitCase~ This book is also sad when Lei An/Mirabel and JJ separate but luckily they find each other again.

    1. Dear Sandra,
      I’m so glad you liked Little Paradise and A Ghost in My Suitcase. Thank you for leaving your lovely comment (: I am just about to begin a new novel. The only problem is, it will take a while before it is published.

  4. Dear Gabrielle Wang,
    Little Paradise is such a beautiful book! I first read it at the start of this year and have read it many times since. Every time I read it again It makes me think of something different. I found it so easy to relate to Mirabel, even though I could never fully understand how it must have been for her as I live very differently to how she lived. Mirabel has such a strong story and you have written it so well. I also think you have definitely written it for the right audience otherwise I would not have had the pleasure of finding it in my high school library! Now I want to buy it for myself!
    Thankyou so, so much!
    From Claire, 14.

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