On this first day of 2013, (or New Year’s eve for those in the northern hemisphere), we all like to make New Year resolutions. Derek Sivers says it’s best to keep goals to ourselves. The same thing, I believe applies to writing fiction.

When I get an idea for a novel the more I think about it the more the excitement grows so that I cannot wait to start working. I delay the writing though just to let the story simmer and grow and flower in my mind first. It is a delicious time, like the feeling I used to get the night before Christmas anticipating the gifts Father Christmas would leave at the end of my bed.

In the early days, before I became a published author, I used to tell friends my story ideas. I soon realised though that after the telling, when it came time to begin the writing, I wasn’t nearly as enthusiastic. The excitement had somehow dissipated.

Now I keep my ideas a secret until I am well into the writing.

Have a great year, everyone!

I hope 2013 will bring you good health, love and peace.

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