Just half a bucket of water to wash your car

With 3a water restrictions in place throughout Melbourne and with the on going drought worsening, I decided to try my sister-in-law’s method of car washing. I found it worked like a dream!

All you need is half a teaspoon of  Martha Gardner’s Wool Mix in half a bucket of water and a cloth. I use a chamois.

Simply wipe a section at a time, then rinse out your cloth then wipe another section. Do this all over your car. As there are no suds with Wool Mix it doesn’t leave any soapy residue.

Please pass this method on. It would save us heaps of water and it’s so easy.

3 thoughts on “Just half a bucket of water to wash your car

  1. Another tip is to wash all the windows first. This is important if your car is really dirty. And it’s literally a drop of Martha Gardener’s Wool mix. It looks as if you’ll have those same three bottles for a long long time yet. There’s another way to use them up though – add a few drops to your wash and your clothes will have a hint of eucalyptus. Am I sounding like an advert?

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