In Loving Memory of Elaine Bohnert Jenkins

Last week we attended the memorial service in Los Angeles of my mother-in-law, Elaine Jenkins. She was 92 when she passed. Elaine was a woman of such grace and beauty and when she smiled her eyes always held a mischievous glint.

Thirty years ago when I first met her, I couldn’t believe how ‘hip’ my mother-in-law was. She drove a Cadillac convertible, had just gotten rid of her microwave because of the health risk, had recently been in an Ashram, practiced yoga daily, baked bread from whole wheat flour she ground herself, got her milk unpasteurised from a local farmer, roasted her own coffee from green coffee beans. Don’t forget this was thirty years ago! And Elaine was the only person I know who could program a parking spot in the busiest shopping center and get it every time.

And below, this photo was taken on Elaine’s 90th Birthday.

We will miss you, Elaine, Mom, Grandma xxxx

2 thoughts on “In Loving Memory of Elaine Bohnert Jenkins

  1. Gabrielle, I just found this! This is an amazing tribute, thank you so much! She truly was an amazing woman!

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