How Writers Work – Tristan Bancks

This is a weekly series of guest posts on How Writers Work. This week, Tristan Bancks gives us an insight into his life as an author.

1. How did get your first book published?

I was writing articles on the Australian film industry for film magazines and newspapers when my youngest son was a baby and I heard about a publisher looking for authors for a children’s educational series. It seemed a fantastic opportunity and I had worked a lot in children’s television in the UK. I am very much in touch with my inner (and outer) child and I had tons of ideas for children’s books and films in my ‘Ideas’ file. I sent the publisher lots of thoughts for the series and they asked me to be part of it. I loved it so much that I moved on to an educational fiction series after that and began developing my own book projects on the side.

Children’s and YA is a fantastic corner of the industry. I have been fortunate, so far, in getting work published. I think it’s important to embrace the changes that are happening in publishing. I often think ahead to how my stories might be read or experienced in five years’ time and I like the uncertainty.

2. Your writing routine.

It changes from time to time but, right now, this is working for me:
6-7am Freewrite (three pages, flat out) and drift toward current manuscript.
7-8am Breakfast, putting on my suit (I always work in a dinner suit, a different colour each day … kidding.)
8-11am Work on current manuscript at desk, on verandah, in cafe, on beach, on floor etc. I like to keep things fluid.
11am-3pm Take care of the small biz of being a writer: blog, email, work on proposals and new ideas, prepare festival sessions etc.












3. Your writing space

I like to write outside, at my desk and wherever inspiration strikes.


















4. What is your latest book or WIP



















My Life and Other Stuff I Made Up is a book of weird, funny, sometimes gross stories inspired by things that have happened to me. Galactic Adventures: First Kids in Space is middle-grade action adventure, about the gruelling training process for the first five kids in space. It’s science faction, a story about breaking through your greatest fear in order to live a dream.
















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