In this painting of a water buffalo I used a Chinese paint brush and ink on Chinese water colour paper. The paper is very absorbant so you need to work really fast. I like working with this medium but it means you can’t make any mistakes because every brushstroke is visible. See if you can count the number of strokes I’ve used.

4 thoughts on “HAPPY YEAR OF THE OX

  1. I think your painting, or course, is beautiful. I study the Chinese Arts very hard. it takes a lot to get the materials to France and England. So, finally, having done this and having spent a year looking and studying hard, I wondered what infouejnced you, as a Chinese Woman, in Arts. What makes you paint the subjects you do.
    However, best wishes regardless and hope to hear from you soon.

    1. Hi Neil, I was born in Australia and was a graphic designer and illustrator before I became interested in Chinese painting. I then went to Taiwan and China where I studied painting and calligraphy, firstly under private tuition then at the Zhejiang Academy of Fine Arts in Hangzhou, China. I don’t have the time to practice now since becoming an author, but I use it more as a meditative exercise as I know, like most the other Chinese disciplines – martial arts, traditional chinese medicine etc, it takes many years of hard work to be good. At least that’s one good thing about it – the older you get, the better you become instead of the other way around which so often happens in the west.
      I wish you all the very best in your pursuit of this beautiful art form.

  2. I really like your painting of the ox. Are prints available for sale? My son was born in the year of the ox and I would love a print for his bedroom. Thank you.

    1. No, I’m afraid there are no prints available. I painted the twelve animal signs for Chinese Horoscope cards which I occasionally sell. But thank you for your interest.

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