Grade Three Workshops

I have been having an inspiring and fun time working with grade three students at my son and daughter’s old school, Auburn South Primary. Last week I asked them to interview a parent, grandparent or great grandparent and bring the answers to class the next time we met which was yesterday. Then I gave them a challenging exercise to do. They had to write a bio about their chosen relative but they had to begin each sentence with a different word. Amazingly they all rose to the challenge even though they are only 8 and 9 year olds. Next I did the famous jelly baby exercise which is more a test of willpower rather than POV, especially at this age. Next I took them through a visualisation exercise. Here are just two fantastic pieces that came out of that. I am publishing them here with their permission.

The first is a poem, the second the beginning to an intriguing chapter book.

‘Shadows’ by Chloe

I am on the beach looking at the sea

I look left I see the shadow of a dragon

I look right I see the shadow of a phoenix

I look behind and see the shadow of me.

‘Where Is She?’ by Mia (This is only the beginning of the story. I hope she continues it.)

I found a box of letters. I opened one up and started reading. Dear Claire… Where have you gone. I was waiting for you on the edge of the cliff. We had promised not to tell about seeing the ghost. It’s sad about how your brother fell out of the tree and died…

Next week we are doing a drawing workshop and perhaps write some poetry.

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  1. Hi gabrielle, my name is Ben. I was in your grade three workshop from auburn south primary school,I’m in 3D and my poem I wrote was supposed to be on your website, can I ask when it will be posted? Ben

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