I was gazing lovingly at the cover of my 1962 edition of The Folk of the Faraway Tree, the one I’ve kept since I was a child hence the torn dust jacket, when to my surprise I see the words Google Buns painted on the side of a jar.

I immediately did a google search.

The word for the search engine comes from googol, 10 to the power of 100 which is all gobbledygook to me. I much prefer Google to be associated with currants and sherbet and fizzing, frothy mouths and Moon-Face falling out of a tree.

“Come on,” said Moon-Face. “Come and eat a Google Bun and see what you think of it.”

“Soon they were all sitting on the broad branches outside Moon-Face’s house, eating Pop Biscuits and Google Buns. The buns were most peculiar. They each had a very large currant in the middle, and this was filled with sherbet. So when you got to the currant and bit it the sherbet frothed out and filled your mouth with fine bubbles that tasted delicious. The children got a real surprise when they bit their currants, and Moon-Face almost fell off the branch with laughing.”

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