for the love of a horse

This is my horse, Prince.

He took me to far off lands, over snow covered mountains, through misty valleys and shimmering forests.

Sometimes he wore a crown of silver, sometimes a cape of gold.

And at the end of each exhausted day he would stand guard outside my bedroom door.

Prince is old now. He leads a quiet rocking horse life.

But one day, the light will return to his eyes.

A child will gather the reins.

She will take his long white mane in her hand, lean forward in the saddle and cry,

‘Away, my Prince. Away.’

5 thoughts on “for the love of a horse

  1. My magic horses were the little plastic horses you got in farm sets. I had over a hundred at one stage. Oh, the adventures my little herds would have!

  2. Beautiful, Gabi! I so longed for one of those horses when I was little (and not so little). Unthwarted, I made my own with a broom, a length of red rope and a piece of orange material fringe. What adventures we had, my broom and I. 🙂

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