Drawing love

Today I received a large envelope from a school in Queensland.

Inside the envelope was a wad of illustrations and some pages of writing.

The Year 3 teacher has been reading both The Garden of Empress Cassia and The Wishbird to her students and they have responded by sending me their beautiful illustrations together with some lovely words.

I have hung the illustrations on the wall of my studio where I know they will be an inspiration to me in so many ways.



45 thoughts on “Drawing love

    1. Hi Megan,
      Thank you for sharing my stories with your wonderful Year 3 students. Thank you also to Mrs Grant.

      1. Perhaps you could suggest to the girls to read The Pearl of Tiger Bay next as it is a prequel to A Ghost in My Suitcase.

  1. Thank you SO much Ms Wang! We just loved reading your books! I hope you liked everything. We just finished reading ‘A Ghost in My Suitcase’ and it was just incredible! My name is Cora and I hope you liked my letter!

  2. Thank you for all your amazing books they are mind blowing pages that make you want to read on and on. Our teacher Mrs Grant has now read “The Ghost in My Cuitcase and it was fabulous.

  3. Dear Gabrielle
    Mrs Grant has finished reading The Ghost in My suitcase now we have read The Wishbird, Garden of Empress Cassia and Ghost in My Suitcase. They were the best books EVER!!

  4. Dear Ms. Wang,
    I really enjoyed drawing those pictures!
    It was so much fun and I even used some pastels.
    We have just finished reading a Ghost in My Suitcase.
    It was a great book and I can’t wait to read more of your books!
    Sofia Vidovich

  5. Dear Ms Wang,
    Thank you for your lovely reply.
    We have just finished the book The Ghost in my Suitcase, it felt like it needed to go on for ever.
    My favourite was The Ghost in My Suitcase.

  6. Dear Gabrielle,
    Our teacher Mrs Grant just finished There’s a Ghost in my suitcase. I loved The Wishbird you are one of my fave author you are the best love Hannah. xoxo ps make a There’s a ghost in my suitcase movie.

    1. That would be my dream, Hannah to make a movie of A Ghost in My Suitcase. Unfortunately it takes lots of money so I can’t make it myself. I hope one day a movie producer would like to buy it.

  7. Dear Gabrielle Wang,
    Our year 3 class teacher has just finished The Ghost in My Suitcase.It was so good!! You are my favourite author. I love your books.


    1. The prequel to A Ghost in My Suitcase is The Pearl of Tiger Bay. Perhaps you might like to read that one over the holidays, Annabelle.

  8. Dear Gabrielle,
    how are you? are you well? you should write a 2nd Ghost in My Suitcase I feel like there should be a 2nd book do you have children ? how many?

    Kind Regards,
    Elizabeth O’D

    1. Hi Elizabeth, Yes, I have 2 children. There is a prequel to A Ghost in My Suitcase called The Pearl of Tiger Bay.

  9. Dear Ms Wang
    I love your books and I think they are absoulutley beautiful!
    I personally like your book “Ghost in My Suitcase”.
    My class has also read your books ‘Wishbird”, “Garden of Empress Cassia”.
    I think you are an amazing author!
    From Sienna

  10. Dear Gabrielle Wang,
    we have just finished Ghost In My Suitcase, it has been my favorite so far ! You’ve been a huge inspiration for me and you always will be.
    kind regards,

  11. Dear Ms Wang we have just finshed reading the Ghost in my Suit Case. We have read other books I loved the Empress Cassia and I loved the Wish Bird. And I would love a sequel for all the three books they were amazing books and I am dying for more. Sincerely yours Kate F

  12. Dear Gabrielle
    I absolutely loved your books. my favorite one was The Ghost in my suitcase. When I grow up I will be a ghost hunter just like por por, Celeste and Ting ting !
    Love Amy 😉

  13. dear Gabrielle Wang ,we have just finished the Ghost in My Suitcase it was a very
    ghost like story we would love you to make more stories in the future

  14. Hi, i love reading your books. I would love you to introduce some more interesting books for me to read

    1. Hi Cherr,

      Thank you for your kind message. As for other books to read, have you tried the Dragonkeeper series by Carole Wilkinson?


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