Donkey eats the money

The following news item presents an interesting dilemma

A donkey in an Algerian market ate the money of the man who came to buy him. When the buyer and the seller were bargaining the price of the donkey, they didn’t see it eating the stack of bank notes meant as its payment.
So who now owns the donkey – the buyer or the seller?
The Algerian Supreme Court is looking into the case.

One thought on “Donkey eats the money

  1. For some reason, this reminds me of something that happened at the local Chinese grocery.

    A Greek man had come in an hour or two previously (the owner told me) and had a hard time making the owner understand him, as his English was not too good — and neither was the owner’s. Finally the Greek man just pointed, paid for his package, and left.

    But he came back an hour later (just before I arrived, in fact), carrying his dripping package, which he flung onto the counter of the store.

    “This may be alright for you Chinese” he said, “but we Greeks can’t eat noodles like this!” He then stormed out.

    The owner showed me the package and its soaking contents. The man had purchased, cooked — and apparently attempted to eat — a package of Chinese incense sticks.

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